Mi Shebeirach (solo voice)

Hebrew and English. The demo recording is a MIDI rendering of the vocal line (played instrumentally) and piano. Here are the lyrics:

Mi shebeirach avoteinu, mi shebeirach imoteinu,
Hu yivarech v’yirapei et hacholim,
Hu yivarech v’yirapei et hacholim.

May God who granted blessings long ago and in our day
Hear us now and offer healing to those for whom we pray.
Give them freedom from all sorrow, give them strength of mind and soul,
Give them comfort, give them courage, heal their bodies, make them whole.

R’fuat hanefesh, healing of the spirit,
R’fuat haguf, healing of the body,
R’fuah sh’leima, a full and perfect healing,
R’fuah sh’leima, make them whole.

And let us say Amen, and let us say Amen,
And let us say Amen, Amen.