Music by Bruce Chalmer

Welcome. For each work below, you can follow the link to find more information, including a recording. (If there’s no link, there’s not yet a recording–feel free to contact Bruce for more information.)

Featured works:

Come Inside: A Midrash on Genesis 18:1  – Hebrew and English, for SATB choir, S and B soloists, string trio, and piano. More information and performance recordings at this link.

Berakhot: A Midrash Cantata – Twenty-six pieces, Hebrew and Engish, for various groupings of voices (SATB) and instruments, playable by as few as six musicians depending on available skills.  Recording by the Fyre and Lightning Consort.  More information, including recorded interviews with the composer and the complete program notes booklet, at this link.


Adon Olam (voice, piano, pennywhistle, and djembe) (recording)

Al Neharot Bavel – based on folk melody (SATB)

And You Shall Eat And Be Satisfied (4-part round) – English

Ashrei Hagafrur – setting of Chana Senesh poem in Hebrew (SATB & piano)

Awake North Wind – Song of Songs 4:16-15:1, Hebrew and English (SATB) (performance recording)

Awake You Sleepers (SATB, shofar) – Maimonides Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Teshuva 3 in English (performance recording)

Clown In The Moon (SATB) – setting of Dylan Thomas poem (performance recording)

Dreamers – composed together with Judy Alexander (SATB) (performance recording)

Eclipse – The 2024 eclipse goes right where we live! So Judy and I wrote a song. (demo recording)

Hashkiveinu – cantor, SAB choir, flute, violin, piano (recording)

Hayom – traditional melody, based on an arrangement Judy remembers from Temple Beth Shalom, Long Beach, NY (performance recording)

Holyoke – with Judy Alexander (voice, guitar) (recording)

Honor Your Father And Mother – Deuteronomy 5:16, Hebrew (six vocal parts) (performance recording)

Kedusha – soloist, piano, two-part choir harmonies (demo recording)

L’Dor Vador Nagid Godlecha – soloist, banjo, guitar, fiddle, recorder (recording)

Lecha Dodi – voices & piano (recording)

Mi Shebeirach – cantor, SAB choir, and optional piano (video)

Mi Shebeirach – solo voice, piano (MIDI recording)

Modeh Ani – two voices, optional guitar (recording)

Moshe Kibel Torah – soloist, three-part choir, and piano (recording)

A Psalm For The Green Mountains – composed with Judy Alexander (SATB) (recording)

Retsei – voice and piano, set as a waltz (recording)

Shalom Rav – voice, piano and djembe with a Caribbean flavor (recording)

Since I Met You – with Judy Alexander (demo recording with guitars and recorders)

Soul’s Beloved – Yedid Nefesh – voice and piano (link to published music and recording)

Standing Together – TTBB – based on Deuteronomy 29:9, 30:12-15 (performance recording)

Threefold Blessing – Numbers 6:24-26, Hebrew and English – double choir SAB SAB (performance recording)

Vay’daber Moshe – A setting for SAB choir of Leviticus 23:44 (performance recording)

Walk Humbly – Micah 6:8, Hebrew and English, SATB  – Gospel flavor (performance recording)

Yehalelu – Hodo – cantor and junior choir SA with piano – commissioned by Cantor Sol Mendelson z”l for the Cantors Assembly

Yihyu Leratzon/Ose Shalom – Voice, flute, violin, and piano (recording)

Yismechu – Voice, piano, and djembe. Another one with Caribbean influence (recording)

Zeh Hayom – Psalm 118:21-25 – Cantor with SATB choir (performance video)